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I have been VW camper mad since I was in my teens. At that age I couldn’t afford to buy a campervan and then by the time I could afford one I was so busy with work I would not have had time to use it. Eventually when in my late thirties I reached the stage in my life where the circumstances were right and I bought a VW Bay Window tintop camper. That was the start of a hobby that has meant in the last 15 years I have owned a good selection of VW Bay Window, VW T25 and VW T4 Transporter campervans converted by companies such as Autohomes, Autosleeper and Westfalia. You can read more about the various campers I have owned by reading the posts in this blog. During the ownership of these various campers I started to gain some knowledge about buying and maintaining VW campers. I also became a collector of information such as VW camper related sales brochures, price lists, owners manuals, magazine articles and appliance manuals for the fridges, heaters and other electrical equipment fitted to the various different years and models of VW camper.

As I was also interested in website design I decided to combine my two hobbies and built a website about buying camper vans. Since then I have built many more VW camper related websites which I will describe in more detail in posts on this blog.

I am adding content such as updated information, photos, sales brochures, owners manuals, price lists and magazine articles to my websites all the time but had no way of letting interested VW camper enthusiasts know when an update had been made.

I started this blog so that if are interested in any of my websites and you subscribe to this blog you will receive an email when I add  new content to my websites.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find my websites interesting and useful 😉


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