Introduction to the VW LT Westfalia Info Site

As I had already built the “The VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon Westfalia Camper Information Site“ and the “The VW T4 Transporter Westfalia Camper Information Site“ I decided to build a new site about the various models Westfalia had built using the VW LT platform called “The VW LT Westfalia Camper Information Site”. Starting with very little knowledge I researched the models by reading sales brochures, owners manuals and any other info I could find on internet forums etc. As most of this information is in the German language this took me a while ;-).

VW LT Westfalia Information Site

The model history section now includes VW LT Westfalia Standard, Deluxe, Salzburg, Como, Captain, Sven Hedin and Florida models. As well as the model history I have added downloads of sales brochures, VW LT owners manuals, Westfalia instruction manuals, appliance manuals and useful links to VW LT Westfalia related websites.

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