Site Update – VW T4 Transporter Autosleeper Camper Info Site

Site Update – VW T4 Transporter Autosleeper Camper Info Site

Added downloads of two adverts for Autosleeper motorhomes from May 1994 to the  VW T4 Transporter Autosleeper Downloads Page .

The first advert showed the Autosleeper Volkswagen T4 Model Range of the time including the Autosleeper Trident, Autosleeper Trooper, Autosleeper Trophy and Autosleeper Clubman GL.

May 1994 VW T4 Autosleeper Advert

The second advert featured the Autosleeper VW T4 Trophy. At the time there was no long wheel base version (LWB)  of the T4 available so Autosleeper came up with a radical design to add a fibreglass rear end to the camper enabling them to fit a bathroom including WC, washbasin and  shower into the vehicle ! Eventually when VW released a LWB version of the T4 the Trophy was replaced with the Autosleeper Topaz model. The Topaz is basically the same the layout but built into the VW T4 LWB factory vehicle.

May 1994 VW T4 Autosleeper Advert

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