Camper Interior Website Introduction

Having done a lot of research before refurbishing my 1971 VW Bay Window camper I realised that it was quite difficult to find detailed information in one place, so I thought it would be a good idea to put all the information I had found on a website. And so the VW Camper Interior Information website was born to share my research with anyone else who might be thinking of making updates to their VW camper interior.

VW Camper Interior Information Site

Since then I have added a lot more information and the site now has sections about the various options for refurbishing your VW camper furniture and the specialist companies that supply furniture (from flat pack for DIY’ers to fully fitted custom interiors for those with deeper pockets 😉 )  ,  also a section on companies that can help you repair or replace your VW camper poptop or hightop roof, information about companies who specialize in re trimming your VW camper such as curtains, door trims and upholstery, information about the different types of night heater available and also a section on the various electrical aspects to consider when refurbishing your camper such as leisure batteries, split charge circuits, electrical control panels etc.

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