Site Update – VW T4 Transporter Holdsworth Camper Info Site

Site Update – VW T4 Transporter Holdsworth Camper Info Site

Added downloads of 1994 Holdsworth Valentine / Valentine Special Sales Brochure and Pricelist to the VW T4 Transporter Holdsworth Downloads Page and VW T4 Transporter Holdsworth Valentine Model History Page and VW T4 Holdsworth Valentine Special Model History Page. The Sales Brochure and Pricelist are in the German language and the prices in Deutschmark (although the English version of the sales brochure is already on the  website). Unusually as well as selling in the UK Richard Holdsworth seems to have exported both these models to Germany and Japan 😉

1994 Holdsworth Valentine Sales Brochure in Deutsch1994 Holdsworth Valentine Pricelist in Deutsch


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