Site Update – VW T4 Transporter Autosleeper Camper Info Site

Site Update – VW T4 Transporter Autosleeper Camper Info Site

Added downloads of a 2003 model year VW T4 Autosleeper Model Range Price List and also a Weights and Dimensions Information Brochure to the  VW T4 Transporter Autosleeper Downloads Page. Containing prices and data for VW T4 Autosleeper models including Trident, Trooper, Topaz, Clubman and Gatcombe. Also includes information for 2003 Autosleeper models based on Ford and Peugeot chassis. Weights and Dimensions brochure is useful when booking ferries and also for checking correct max payload weight for your vehicle 😉 Also contains info on fresh and waste water tank capacities, gas tank sizes and bed sizes 😉

2003 VW T4 Autosleeper Model Range Weights And Dimensions2003 VW T4 Autosleeper Model Range Pricelist

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