Site Update – VW T4 Transporter Holdsworth Camper Info Site

Site Update – VW T4 Transporter Holdsworth Camper Info Site

Added downloads of 1996 Sales Brochures for both Cockburn Holdsworth Villa and Vista models to the VW T4 Transporter Holdsworth Downloads Page and VW T4 Transporter Cockburn Holdsworth Villa Model History Page and VW T4 Transporter Cockburn Holdsworth Vista Model History Page.

Circa 1996 Richard Holdsworth Conversions ran into financial difficulties and was taken over by John Cockburn. The new company now called Cockburn Holdsworth released new versions of the VW T4 Holdsworth Villa and Vista models.  They were similar in design to the earlier VW T4 Holdsworth models but with updated upholstery and improved design and specification. Production appears to have stopped circa 1997 so they were only produced for a short period.

1996 VW T4 Cockburn Holdsworth Villa Sales Brochure1996 VW T4 Cockburn Holdsworth Vista Sales Brochure

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