Site Update – VW T25 / T3 Autosleeper Camper Info Site

Site Update – VW T25 / T3 Autosleeper Camper Info Site

Added a download of a 1985 – 1985 Autosleeper Magazine (34 pages)  to the VW T25 / T3 Autosleeper Downloads Page. Featuring information, adverts and photos of the VW  Autosleeper VT20 and Autosleeper VHT Models (as well as Bedford Clubman, Bedford SB45, Bedford CX200, Ford Transit RX80, Renault Trafic RV50, Renault Hi-Top, Talbot  Express CX 1000 GTL , Talbot Sportsman SL and Sherpa Leisure, Leisure Executive).

1984 VW T25 Autosleeper Magazine




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