Site Update – VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon Westfalia Camper Info Site

Site Update – VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon Westfalia Camper Info Site

Added a download of a January 1987 VW T25 / T3 Westfalia Joker / Club Joker Pricelist to the VW T25 / T3 1986 – 1990 Westfalia Joker Model History and VW T25 / T3 1986 – 1990 Westfalia Club Joker Model History page. The four page pricelist in the German Language (Deutsch) contains prices for 1987 year model range Joker and Club Joker (the ones with the light grey furniture ;-)) as well as information on the different colours and options available.

1987 VW Westfalia T25 / T3 Joker & Club Joker Pricelist
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